Streaming and Let's play guide

Thank you for your interest in recording yourself playing Headmaster. We love you. Your joy for playing games is what we make games for! When you're making videos, we share the same goal - for you to get more views/subs. So here are some thoughts on how to do just that with our game.

  • There is a cheat code!

    • At the main menu, type [up, down, left, right, c, c, c] on the keyboard to enable cheats
      • Note: you need to enter this a bit slowly. Like half second pauses between. 
      • Once cheats are enabled you'll hear a DING sound.
    • Now you can hit the following keys
      • R - Reset progress back to zero
      • C - Unlock all levels in the room
      • While staring at a Polaroid in the room, press up or down to add or remove stars
      • While playing a level, press up or down to fake your score to a certain star value
      • Press the button on the mouse to fire a ball out of your face
      • M - Quickly drop to the room without having to wait for anything else
      • Q - quit the game (this works outside of cheats too)
    • Currently your save game may get harmed in this process. We are going to update the game shortly so that once you enter cheat mode, your current save will not be affected. However if you have a save you are happy with, check back here to see if it's updated yet before doing the cheats.
    • If you get your progress in a bad state, just return to the main menu with Q, hit R to reset, and you'll be back to zero.
  • There's a lot to see beyond the first 30 minutes

    • It's pretty common for folks to just start a new game and record that. Consider playing through that part on your own and then showing the later parts of the game. 
    • About midway between Exam 1 and Exam 2, we start to unveil the narrative
    • After Exam 2, you will leave the field and get into some different environments
    • At Exam 3, the crisis is revealed and the narrative is front and center
    • Exam 4 is the hardest level and the turning point of the story
    • The Final Exam is full of surprises!
  • hands are a good opportunity for the funnies

    • To enable the Handball Avoidance Mitts, enter the room and look at the piece of paper with the hands on it that's on the door. 
    • Hands are really meant as a troll right now. They're not very good at directing the ball, but if you're a good physical comedian it's probably a good opportunity to mess with them.
  • Playing party mode with friends is probably going to be fun to watch

    • Or just play by yourself.

Feel free to send us feedback or requests! We're happy to work with you to get you more views and us more sales. Cheers!

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