Announcing Headmaster for The Playstation Project Morpheus VR Headset

by Ben Throop, Founder, Frame Interactive

Hello! I’m Ben Throop (pronounced Troop) of the new micro studio Frame Interactive. But enough about me!

I'm excited and humbled to announce Headmaster for Project Morpheus. What started as an experimental prototype last year has turned into a Morpheus launch title showing on the floor of E3. That's bonkers.

Well hopefully you've already seen the trailer that's posted on the front of the site. If not check it out!

Being part of what Sony is doing with Project Morpheus is incredibly exciting. They have fostered creative risk taking to make sure players really see the potential of VR. The medium is completely new and weird and amazing and we're all learning as we go.

Headmaster will be playable on the floor of E3 this year. I'll be at the booth so if you happen to be around come say hi (my buddy Dan and I will have Headmaster Logo T-Shirts on) and follow me on Twitter @ben_throop or the game at Twitter @Headmastergame. Cheers!